Już 24 października 2017 r. w hotelu InterContinental
w Warszawie odbędzie się druga edycja
Emirates & Europe Economic Forum


The second edition of Emirates & Europe Economic Forum
will be held on 24 October 2017
in InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw


Emirates & Europe Economic Forum as a chance for strengthening economic cooperation between Poland and the United Arab Emirates

The second edition of Emirates & Europe Economic forum will be held on 24 Oct 2017 at the InterContinental Warsaw Hotel – an event organised in order to intensify economic and business cooperation between both European and Emirati societies. The event is an answer to the current economic and trade relations between Poland and the UAE. It creates a great opportunity for building long-term cooperation and business relations between the partners. The Forum provides a well-tested formula and proper tools for trade and investments as well as promotion and development of innovations.

Poland is currently perceived by the United Arab Emirates as a gateway to European markets. Therefore, it has become necessary to create a place for implementation of investments and establishment of investor contacts. On the basis of previous economic and business successes, the organisers will determine the areas of future investments and cooperation. New projects connecting Poland and the United Arab Emirates will be presented during the Forum, especially in terms of financial attractiveness and possibilities of development in banking sectors in Poland.

This year’s editions of the Forum will be entitled: „Emirates & Europe Economic Forum – Innovation as a chance for economic development”. The subject-matter will concern innovative technologies, start-ups, investments as well as smart solutions which have a positive impact on broadly understood possibilities for economy boosting.

The second edition is organised by Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (EEBD), European Green Technology Alliance (EGTA) as well as Investment Service Center (ISC).

Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (www.eebd.eu) is a unique business organisation, developing economic cooperation between Europe and the UAE. Among its members, apart from business representatives, there are also representatives from entities such as: local government authorities, universities, advisory institutions and companies, which contribute to development of its activities. The list of main goals that the cluster sets for itself, comprises of, among others: assistance in searching for trade partners or providing direct contact with companies from both Europe and the UAE (also with those with foreign equity), complex help in raising funds from EU programmes, maximisation of benefits related to expansion of business in the UAE and Europe as well as promotion and protection of the interests of member companies.

European  Green Technology Alliance (www.egta.eu) is an international platform for technological and business cooperation, associating over 300 enterprises and institutions all over Europe. EGTA focuses on transfer of innovative technologies between European countries and provides support through specialised business institutions as well as international network of partners.

Investment Service Center (www.investpl.eu) is an international business structure associating high-level experts. Their main objective is to finance investment projects and to look for projects of high business potential for the investors. We act globally, having our representatives involved in many countries around the world. All our investments create a great business potential thanks to effective management of both technological and financial risk. Additionally, the obtained grants increase effectiveness of implemented projects.

For more information about the event, please visit our website www.forum.eebd.eu

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